Streamlining Your Upcoming Move

Moving house? Whether you’re finally moving into your dream house or you have to move because your landlord has given you notice, you’re likely feeling stressed out and overwhelmed at the thought of all the things you have to coordinate before D-Day, right?

  • Where can I get boxes?
  • Do I need bubble wrap?
  • Is there anyone in my circle of friends who would be willing to come schlep some boxes for pizza and beer?
  • Do I hire movers or rent a truck?

There are so many questions you’ll end up answering (or not) leading up to moving day that your head will spin.

I’ve moved over a dozen times in my adult life. This is my personal life, pre Organizing business! Each move taught me new lessons and highlighted what not to repeat.  One thing I know for sure is this….

If you want your move to be as streamlined as possible…
If you want to get settled into y

our new place in as little time as possible….

You must Edit + Declutter BEFORE you move.


  • Are there clothes that you don’t wear anymore?
  • Are there shoes that are too worn out to even warrant precious real estate in a box?


  • Are there toiletries you don’t
    use anymore?
  • Is there old makeup that you wouldn’t put on your face anymore?


  • Do you really use ALL of those kitchen gadgets?
  • Are there any expired pantry items that need to go into the organics bin?

GO THROUGH YOUR BOOKS (books are heavy to move!)

  • Are there books that you wouldn’t read again?
  • Are there reference or text books that aren’t useful to you anymore?


  • Are there instruction manuals for devices / appliances you no longer have?
  • Are you holding onto the instruction manual for the toaster that you’ve already mastered using?
  • Is there a pdf version of the manual online? If so, you don’t need the paper copy.


  • Are there any DVDs, VHSs, CDs, cassettes, records that you just never watch / listen to anymore?
  • Is there art work or decor that you’re just not that into anymore?


  • Is all that sporting equipment actually useful to you?
  • Do you still go camping?
  • Are there unfinished projects that you know you’ll never work on again?

Is it time to downsize the collection of Christmas and Halloween lawn blow-up decorations?

Packed and stacked boxes ready for the move.

Once you’ve edited, what will you do with all the stuff you’ve decided to purge?

Here are a few options I recommend to my clients:


    • Clothes and household items to your local charity – many of them have thrift stores. Some even have a free donation pick-up service.
    • Old linens and towels to your local animal shelter.
    • Used toiletries to the local men’s or women’s shelter
    • Books to your local library
    • Furniture, lighting and building supplies to Habitat For Humanity

    • Textiles – clothes too damaged or stained to donate
    • Paper
    • Metal hangers can be taken to your local dry cleaner
    • Plastic
  • SELL

    • Facebook Marketplace is a quick and easy solution
    • Craigslist

Last resort – anything that you can’t donate, sell or recycle can then go to the city dump
When you leave a home that you’ve been in for a while, it can be a bittersweet transition. Look to the exciting new life you’re about to create in your new home and commit to only bringing with you, things that will serve the future YOU that you want to be.
Living life to the fullest means only surrounding yourself with what brings you JOY.

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We Can Help!

Did you know that SOS My Space provides Move Support Services? Yup!
Here’s what we can do for you:

  • the EDIT + DE-CLUTTER process
  • pack up your house
  • arrange the most amazing movers for you then
  • unpack the boxes
  • and create an organized home filled with joy, streamlined for your routines.

I know this sounds UH-MAZING to you! When you’re ready to schedule your Complimentary In-Home Consultation, click here

I can’t wait to meet you and take the chaos out of your move for you!
Until then, My Lovely, have a beautiful day!

Lots of love from Your Professional Organizer,
Quincilia Siah

~Breathe! We’re on our way!~