The 5W’s of Reiki For The Home

Meditation bowl, 5 W's of Reiki.

Since my last blogpost, I’ve been receiving messages from people who are curious and interested in this new service, so I’ve put together the 5Ws to tell you more!

Who, What, When, Where, Why (well, WHY NOT??)

WHO is this for?

  1. ANYONE who wants their home to feel good. 
  2. SINGLES who are ready to manifest confidence and love
  3. COUPLES who want to create harmony in their relationship
  4. FAMILIES that want to bring peace and joy into their home
  5. ENTREPRENEURS who want to manifest focus, abundance and success
  6. BUSINESS OWNERS who are looking to increase traffic into their business

WHAT is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is subtle, non-intrusive yet highly effective. As a Reiki practitioner, I have been attuned to the power symbols of the Usui Reiki method and work with Universal Life Force Energy to channel feel-good vibes into your space.
The aim of performing Reiki for your space is to bring an energetic harmony and alignment into your home or office space. Think of Reiki as a warm, cozy hug for your life!

Who doesn’t like a dose of cozy, right?!

WHEN is a good time to have Reiki performed in your space?

  • After an argument
  • After a divorce
  • When there’s been illness in the home
  • After a loved one has passed away
  • Before you begin renovations
  • When you’re ready to put your house on the real estate market
  • Before you move into your new home
  • When you bring home a new baby
  • After a party or large gathering (a lot of mixed energies can linger after a large gathering)
  • When you start a new job

WHERE can Reiki be performed? Anywhere, really, but here are some examples!

  • Home
  • Home office
  • Office space

WHY should you have your home Reiki’d?

The better question here is….Why not? I know this is a cheeky statement but I mean it! Since I’ve been studying & practicing space clearing and Reiki, there is an overwhelming sense of “I’ve got this” in life!

Meditation, 5 W's of Reiki.

Here is a testimonial from my beautiful client who has experienced Reiki with me.

Quincilia brings such warmth and ease with her, along with a beautiful selection of crystals and scents that deepened the experiences for me. She is gentle, intuitive, respectful and holds space – I felt safe and taken care of which allowed me to explore what came up for me, authentically.

Are you wondering if Reiki is right for your home?
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Until then, my friends, I send you Reiki blessings of love and light.
Your Clutter Coach