Professional Organizer for Decluterring.


You’ve looked around at the chaos that surrounds you and decided that SOMETHING’S GOT TO CHANGE! Living in a cluttered space can create such stress, anxiety and overwhelm. So much so, that the thought of tackling it just debilitates you into feeling absolutely STUCK.

Where do you even start? Right here, of course.

You’ll be in good hands with me, your Trained Professional Organizer. Yes! I will literally hold your hands in support. I’ll give you the courage to face the emotions that come as, together, we uncover the decades of treasures that have accumulated around you.

My clients hire me to give them permission to let go and to empower them with the strength to release the things that no longer serve them or spark joy. The process of decluttering is a journey and I am with you every step of the way. No judgement, just compassion.

What’s in it for you?

  • Freedom from clutter that keeps you from living your best life

  • Make room to breathe, to move, to live

  • Create space to welcome the new (Having a new baby? Moving in with your partner? Working from home?)

  • Release the stagnant energy that results from accumulating clutter

  • Gain clarity, calm and joy

The best time for new beginnings is now!

Book your Complimentary Consultation today and let’s Harmonize Your Home!

Make Space at Home

Quincilia and team have a great system for helping you get organized, are non-judgmental, work VERY hard (which is motivating and keeps you on task)–and the bonus is that they are fun to work with! I’m extremely happy with their work and recommend SOS My Space wholeheartedly.