Highlight Reel

I have a passion for sharing knowledge with those in need of support. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to appear on several podcasts and tv segments to share my approach to supporting, organizing and simplifying your space, here are some of the highlights.


Professional organizer featured on the Marc & Mandy show.
Professional organizer featured on CityTV

Get Organized with Quincilia & Mei

Mei Dunlop, founder of Etchy Things + Accents and the iconic Vancouver Island Market, partnered with Quincilia to create an IGTV series. In this conversation series, they discuss the ebb and flow of a creative artist’s space, the form and function of organized spaces and delve into spiritual subjects like the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

Podcasts Features

The Self-Advocate Podcast

The Self Advocate

The Self Advocate is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Julia Maria, who is joined by health and wellness specialists and everyday people about their personal struggles and how they overcame them.

Heartspace Conversations

Heartspace Conversations

Shona Fraser, interior designer and owner of Heartspace Interiors, shares stories from some of Vancouver’s most passionate, heart-centred, and interesting business people.