I’m Quincilia and I’m here to help you. Let’s work together to simplify your spaces.

There’s a lot of emotion tied to your physical belongings. People hire me to give them the courage and support they SO need to face the transformation. With clarity, I help them to anchor the change into a fresh mindset and new habits.

Through my proven 3-step process, I will help you to achieve the Organized life you dream of!

An educator and organizer by trade, compassionate empath through-and-through with a healthy dose of fun. Who says organizing isn’t fun?!

In 2016, I made the brave decision to step away from a 20-year career in Early Childhood and Adult Education. This journey led me to a 6-month hiatus where I finally figured out how I wanted to show up in this world! Authentically and unabashedly me. No longer tethered by the limitations of a regulated industry, I began to pursue a new path in life. When a good friend of mine suggested that I look into becoming a Professional Organizer, my first thought was, “That’s a thing?”

Fast forward to the present day, when I can proudly call myself a Trained Professional Organizer and Certified Reiki Healer. Yup! I finally came out of the spiritual closet. I have always held the belief that everything is made of energy; it just shows up in different densities and forms. When I began working with clients through the decluttering process, I quickly found such a deep correlation between clutter and a person’s overall well-being.

Why? Clutter = stagnant energy! *insert mind blown emoji here!*

It’s amazing to witness the transformations that happen in a client’s life when they trust in the process and allow themselves to release the clutter that doesn’t serve them.

What’s my approach?

Fully hands-on (unless you’ve hired me to be your Virtual Clutter Coach). I love diving into your clutter with you! It helps me to get to know you, how your collection of belongings have come to be in your life and how I can support you to reach your goals. The feeling of being Organized is different for everyone. The empath in me always figures out the best way to work with you.

When there is a project and timeline that calls for more hands on deck, I bring on other Professional Organizers who share a similar approach. You’ll always be in good hands with the SOS My Space team.

A lil’ more about me…

Born in Malaysia to a preschool teacher and mortgage broker, I’m the middle of three daughters. My childhood was filled with Sundays at the beach and weekdays being driven from school to tutors, ballet and piano lessons. It was structured yet filled with fun in the tropical sun! At the age of 13, we had the good fortune of immigrating to Vancouver.

My parents have always been entrepreneurs, from owning a highly successful preschool in Malaysia, to a busy flower shop in Burnaby’s Metrotown mall. I suppose you could say that the entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood!

I must say that my natural intuition for organizing comes from a phrase I often heard my mom say to us in the flower shop; “Everything has a home.” It is this phrase that stuck with me as I pursued my career in Early Childhood Education and subsequently transitioning into Adult Education. Recognized as a natural leader, I accepted a promotion from teaching in a private career training institution to campus management where I developed my skills for organizing space, time, resources and people.

As an Early Childhood Educator, I truly learned the power of positive encouragement. Celebrating small successes with children builds their self-esteem and empowers them to face their next challenge with confidence. This rang true when I became an adult educator 14 years ago and I now strive to be a positive influence to those I am privileged enough to meet.

Our working relationship begins with trust and a good rapport…

In the spirit of getting to know each other, here are some fun facts about me…

  • I was in all the band and choir classes in high school.

  • I love a good sing-a-long.

  • I’m a sucker for chihuahuas. My fur babies, Punky and Mia are now in heaven with their cousins.

  • My husband, Shawn, and I love travelling together. We even got engaged in Germany!

  • I love cars and used to belong to a Miata car club.

  • Both of my sisters also have “Q” names. Feel free to ask me about this when we meet!

  • I love the healing power of crystals and enjoy attending group meditation and healing events.

SOS My Space Professional Organizer

What’s in the name?

SOS is historically a distress signal meaning “Save Our Souls” or “Sink Or Swim” but I’d like to bring a positive spin into it; Simplify, Organize, Support.  It speaks to my core values and reminds me that I love helping others. With me by your side, you will be well on your way to being and feeling organized!

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