It’s Not Just Stuff – How Clutter Affects The Energy Around You

Are you familiar with that tight feeling in your chest when you walk into your house?Do you ever feel so irritable but have no idea why you’re so irritated?Does procrastination slap you in the face every time you walk past your cluttered mess?

Does it seem like there’s a constant communication breakdown between you and your spouse?

This feeling, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, is such a common feeling that I often encounter when I meet new clients. The majority of the time, this feeling results from living in a cluttered space.

Clutter affects the energy around you.

You see, everything around us is made of energy.

The sun, the ocean, the trees that give us oxygen.

The air in your room is mad

e of energy, water is made of energy, our bodies are made of energy.

Your STUFF is made of energy. It’s just that itweall of it vibrates at a different frequency.

How Does Clutter Affect Energy?

When we surround ourselves with clutter then what happens to the energy in our space is that it has no room to flow. When energy has no room to flow, it becomes stagnant.
Stuck energy needs to be cleared. This stuck energy is what makes us feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. This stuck energy is what makes us feel like we have a wet blanket sitting heavily on our bodies. It’s extremely uncomfortable, makes us irritable and anxious. It elevates our stress! And let’s face it. We have enough going on with work, driving kids to school and soccer practice, getting to the gym (is that a reality for you?), grocery shopping, husbands, in-laws, …..without adding to the stress we have in our lives!

Release The Clutter To Unleash The Energy

When we do the decluttering work, we start to shift the energy. It’s like stirring the pot. When we stir the pot, we stir up the energy around in our room. By decluttering the room and removing what no longer brings us joy, by assigning a space for everything, that energy flows freely and we start to feel more uplifted, more joyful, more creative and even more productive

Is Clutter Really That Constricting?

Now, imagine yourself wanting to have a dance party for one. Stay with me for moment. Now put on the tightest fitting clothes and a straitjacket wrapped around your body. Now put on your favorite dance party song and go ahead and try and have fun with that dance party of yours.
It feels really constricted, doesn’t it?
When a room is filled with clutter this is kind of how it feels. It feels tight, constricted, and you feel like you just can’t move.
Now take off that straitjacket, remove the tight clothing. It’s ok, you’re alone so you can dance naked!  Now you get to move your body freely. You can freely move your arms and spin and do all of the things that your body wants to do. You’re now flowing freely with the music.
This feeling of joy and freedom is what it feels like when you have the space that is free of clutter.
When we have a room or space filled with clutter, the energy in a room cannot flow freely.
You don’t have to declutter your whole entire house right away. The thought of this can feel overwhelming. All you need to do is start small to start feeling the shift in the energy.

Where Do I Start?

You can start by cleaning out the fridge. You will find that preparing your next meal is more enjoyable.
You can start by clearing the clutter off of your desk. You’ll start to feel more creative and more productive in your work.
You can start by cleaning out those socks that have holes and stains on them. You will start to feel that getting dressed in the morning or putting laundry away is way more fun and effortless.
You can even start by purging your children’s toys that they don’t play with anymore. You will find that they play more productively and more meaningfully because they’re not overwhelmed with a mountain of choices.

Choose And Choose Again

You choose! You get to choose where you want to start this project, but just remember this…

Energy is all around us and we have the ability shift the energy and make it feel light and joyful or dark and heavy.

We have the choice.

You have the choice.

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Until next time, My Lovelies, have a beautiful day.

Lots of love from Your Professional Organizer,

Quincilia Siah

~ Breathe! We’re on our way! ~