Healing Spaces with Reiki

This summer, I had a traumatic incident as I was driving to an important event. A skateboarder collided with my car and landed on windshield.

This collision left me shaken up, in extreme shock and ugly-crying on the side of the road from sheer trauma. Kind strangers consoled me and assured me everything was going to be ok. Needless to say, I did not make it to the event.

***side note, I didn’t tell many people about this incident, as it rocked me to the core. I didn’t post my story on social media, as it was a personal journey I knew I had to go through.

Meditation bowl, 5 W's of Reiki.

This is my personal story I am now sharing publicly;

My fiancé came to pick me up and drove me home. I cried for 3 days, wondering “why”

  • Why me?
  • Why on this day?
  • Why this guy?
  • What grand universal lesson was I to learn from this?

Fraught with anxiety about the busy week to come, knowing that I had many clients to see and new consultations booked, I started to nose-dive into a state of fear. How am I supposed to get behind the wheel this week? Will another accident happen? Will I be able to drive without freaking out?

If you’ve ever been in a motor vehicle accident, you likely know this feeling.

I knew I had 2 choices: To live in fear and anxiety OR To heal this trauma and overcome the fear

I went with my second choice and got on the phone with my Spiritual mentors who did some energy work and past-life healing on the spot.

Grateful to have healers on speed-dial, I leaned into a weekend of self-reflection and journaling. I turned to my crystals and essential oils for healing

Later that week, as I scrolled through Facebook and landed on an upcoming calendar of events at my favourite metaphysical store / healing spa, I jumped at the chance to sign up for a Reiki Level 1 certification course. Becoming certified in Reiki healing had been on my radar this year and I had been told, “your Reiki master will show up in your life when you’re ready.” The signs were there, I was ready.

Quincilia Siah - Reiki Certified

Let’s fast forward this story….

I am so excited to share that I am now certified in Level 2 Reiki and have been giving healings to friends and most importantly, in my clients’ homes! In my quest to learn more about how energy affects us and the environment around us (a.k.a. our homes), I will continue to study Energetic Space Clearing practices and move onto a Master-level Reiki certification.

I know that, as a Professional Organizer, I do things differently than many others and that’s what my clients hire me for! You see, once we clear the physical clutter, stagnant energy can remain, leaving you feeling “off” in your bedroom or agitated and unmotivated to get sh*t done. Energy clearing and Reiki for your home can lift the stagnant energy and get the mojo flowing again!

Since incorporating space clearing and energy clearing modalities into my clients’ decluttering journeys, here’s what has transformed for them:

  • A little boy who hadn’t been sleeping through the night now sleeps through the night in his bedroom and loves playing in there during the day
  • A family that didn’t feel comfortable in all corners of their house now enjoys spending time in every single part of their home
  • A mother of 3 has overcome her lifelong battle with anxiety and is now making empowered decisions, no longer debilitated by fear and anxiety
So, what did my accident have to do with Reiki? It put me on a path of healing my own traumas so that I can help others on their healing journeys.

Are you wondering if Reiki is right for your home? Book a 20 minute discovery call with me and let’s chat about it! 

Ready to book a Reiki session for your home? Let’s do it!

I collaborated with gifted healer, Amelie St. Pierre, of Liberate Your True Self, on a blog post about incorporating gemstones in your decluttering and organizing journey. Read about it here!

As we bring 2019 to a close, I am filled with gratitude for the journey that SOS My Space has been on. I’m so grateful for all of the amazing clients who have welcomed me into their homes and allowed me into their lives with such open arms and open hearts. It is for you all, that I strive to better myself.


Much love,

Quincilia Siah
Professional Organizer AND Reiki Healer