10 Tips For Decluttering Your Mind

Declutter your mind with these ten tips.

As I write this blog, I am one week into the COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Life, as we know it, has shifted a big 180.

The global pandemic has spun the world into confusion, stress, anxiety, fear….basically a whole lot of icky feelings stemming from situations out of our control.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that I’ve turned to, that help me to declutter my mind:

  1. EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques (otherwise known as tapping)
    1. Follow 5th Ray Healing on Facebook to see some amazing tapping techniques that you can do yourself to relieve stress & tension.
  2. Daily exercise / movement
    1. The VShred program is what I love waking up to
    2. Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (I just discovered her and she’s amazing!)
    3. Walking outdoors (hey, it’s cheap and easy to do)
  3. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods
  4. Diffusing essential oils
  5. Focusing on what I CAN control vs what I can’t
  6. Limiting time on social media.  What will I allow into my influential sphere that supports my highest and greatest good?
  7. Being intentional with the sources that I get my facts from
  8. A daily brain dump to get things off my mind. Nothing fancy here, just literally putting all my thoughts down on paper, so they’re not floating around in my head anymore.
  9. Daily self-care time to bring me back into my heart. I’m posting daily self-care messages on Instagram stories so be sure to follow me at my Instagram page.
  10. FaceTime and Zoom calls to connect with friends, family members and business associates

It’s really all about dropping out of my head and into my heart. The heart is where our intuition lies and our intuition won’t steer us in the wrong direction.

Buddha statue surrounded by crystals.
Having all this time at home has given me time to pause and reflect:
  • We live in a global society where being “busy” is worn like a badge of honour
  • We have been given an opportunity to slow down and return to the essentials
  • We can choose to lose ourselves in the “noise” of social media and news (which we can’t control) or we can choose to sink into our hearts
We all have the same ticket on the Boat of Uncertainty and that, I know, can be so scary.
My invitation to you, comes from my friend, Laurie Ashley.
Each day, know that you have a choice. With that knowledge, ask yourself these 3 questions:
  1. How do I want to feel today?
  2. What is 1 thing I can do to feel this way today?
  3. How will I celebrate?

*tip: celebrating can be as simple as texting a friend to tell them about that 1 thing you did, so that they can send you a virtual high-five!

Take good care of you and your family. Practice self-compassion each and every moment. We’ll all get through this!
Your Clutter Coach