Spring Decluttering

Decluttering your offsite storage space @SOSMYSPACE

There is no time like the present to get cracking on your Annual Decluttering project!

We tend to build up a lot of clutter during the year, especially after the holidays. Our things get shoved into drawers or closets and forgotten about.

There is also the change in weather to consider, warmer weather means less clothes! You can pack away the big coats you needed to survive the Canadian winter.

Energy can become stagnant in our homes, and needs refreshing every now again to keep vibes high!

You don’t have to clean every nook and cranny just create space to let things breathe.

Here are some handy tips to get going!

1. Start in your easiest spaces.

Don’t try to declutter the home office, or sentimental collections first. We like easy wins, like the living room, bedroom, or car.

2. Begin in your lived-in areas.

Again, avoid the attic and the basement when getting started. This can take hours and the chances are you don’t use these places/spaces that often.

But if you declutter your living room, you’ll notice the calm every time you sit to watch television. If you tackle the kitchen you’ll notice it immediately the next time you cook up a storm doing the evening clean will be noticeably easier.

3. Physically touch every item in your home.

When you hold an item in your hand, you are forced to make a decision about it. Every item you touch can either be relocated, removed, or returned. Put as many things as you can in the remove pile.

4. Ask three questions.

Ask yourself three questions for every item you touch:

  • Do I need it?
  • Why do I have it?
  • What would I use if I didn’t own it?

5. Donate, donate, donate.

As you begin removing clutter from your home, get a donations pile going. Trying to sell all your clutter only adds stress and burden to an arduous task. Expensive items (or if you desperately need the money) are the only exceptions.

For the most part, find a local charity that you believe in and donate your things there.

6. Find inspiration to keep going.

Find as much motivation and inspiration as you need. The reality is this process is going to take more than one day, or even one weekend. So, find your places of encouragement. You can check out my SOS Videos on Facebook for handy bite sized tips.

Remember that shedding the old means you are allowing new beginnings!

What would become available for you if you commit to doing the work?

Decluttering your offsite storage space @SOSMYSPACE

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