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When we think of CLUTTER, we often refer to the visual and physical clutter we SEE around us.

What about the clutter we DON’T SEE?

I’ve been reading “Electric Body, Electric Health” by Eileen McKusick, who discovered the Human Biofield. It’s incredible to learn how we are all such electric beings, with a biofield that expands, on average, 6 feet out of our bodies! You may have heard of the word, aura. In her book, Eileen goes into her observations and research in depth. I’m only just beginning to scrape at the tip of the iceberg.

Ultimately, this ties into what I’ve always believed in; that everything is made of energy, therefore, we (our bodies, the space around us, the people we interact with, the animals, the plants….) are all connected!

In an effort to start cleaning up my biofield, I entered this year with such a drive to clear my digital clutter.  It’s amazing how much we are bombarded with digital information these days when we take a good look around us.

I took an unofficial inventory of the areas where I could make small changes. Small habits create big impacts over time.


Here are 7 Digital Detox Tips

1. Keep cell phones out of the bedroom.

We went back to basics and purchased an alarm clock for the bedroom.

    1. Eliminates dirty EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) while you sleep
    2. Reduce digital distractions so you fall asleep with a clear mind (I had to keep a notebook beside the bed for a couple of nights while my mind learned to get quiet)

2. Delete apps from your phone that allow you to purchase things.

It’s like having a slot machine in your pocket! I’ve heard stories of children “accidentally” purchasing things when playing with their parents’ phones. What is convenience costing you? While you’re at it, you can delete the apps you don’t use anymore and organize them into folders!

3. Edit the contacts on your phone.

Are there people you don’t remember? Businesses you don’t frequent anymore? Go ahead and delete them from your phone. Cleaning up our contact list is a sure way to clean up the information highway that we carry around with us.

4. Clean up your computer desktop.

If you need easy access to files on your desktop, organize them into desktop folders. Reducing visual clutter will quiet your mind and allow you to focus more productively. Don’t forget to empty the trash!

5. Unsubscribe from marketing emails that no longer pertain to your needs.

Let me assure you that you don’t need the daily or weekly email from Lululemon. When you’re ready to shop for that pair of leggings, you’ll know where to find them!

6. Batch deleting emails.

Wooooo! Let me tell you how satisfying this is! I spent a few hours in my personal email account, batch deleting thousands of emails that had sat in there for much too long. How? In the search bar, enter a sender. For example, “”. All emails you received from “” will then populate together. Select all and hit the delete button! Again, don’t forget to empty the trash folder once you’re done.

7. Declutter your social media!

You may not have to do something as drastic as I did by deactivating a business page on Facebook. However, you CAN take a look at the friends and followers to see if they’re all still relevant. Are there accounts that you don’t want to follow anymore? Are there people on your friends list you don’t even know or remember? If guilt is what you’re feeling, let me be the first to give you permission to let go. It’s ok.

As with decluttering a house, it’s unrealistic to do it all at once! These 7 tips are meant for you to take mini bites out of. Choose one that feels most doable and start there.

Happy Decluttering!